Ceremony and Reception Venue: Garden of The Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Image by  Apricity Images

“A Love for Detail is so much more than a wedding planner, she is an expert in the industry. “before until after” she was there. That attention by Danielle at a Love for Detail was the key to our having had the mountain wedding we always imagined. While putting in the time she was both consummate professional and, when needed, comforting, calming friend. We decided on a destination wedding in Colorado, and when it came to choosing a wedding planner I had no doubts that a Love for Detail would be able to execute a flawless wedding no matter where the destination was. 
There was so much to do before the wedding, choices to make, colors to choose, seating charts to be made, agendas to be written… All the details. She made tasteful recommendations and explained everything along the way, she was a guiding light when I needed her to be, and with an “always happy to help attitude.” Most importantly she was an expert at dealing with the venue; there were so many questions I didn’t know to ask the venue beforehand, and she took care of it all. She gave me a sense of serenity that is unheard of for a bride.
While she had amazing scenery to work with, Danielle positioned everyone and everything was set up perfectly, she especially took into consideration the smallest details that meant so much to me. In this part of the event things had to run on time because each thing that didn’t would throw off the timing of the next. That would have had a ripple effect, which would have made for a longer event, or more rushed, atmosphere than we wanted our guests to experience. Danielle was such a special part of our wedding , all in all, not only do I thank her I would unqualifiedly recommend her. “ - Ester

Danielle Ondarza Cipriani