Reception Venue: The M Building, Wynwood, FL

Ceremony Venue: San Juan Bautista, Wynwood, FL

Reception Venue: The M Building, Wynwood, FL

Number of Guests: 76

"To think I almost didn't hire a wedding coordinator! As a producer for a living, I'm very much a DIY, get your hands dirty kind of person. I did my own wedding flowers, day of stationary, decor styling, etc. Just because you like to be in control of your wedding doesn't mean it's not *imperative* to hire someone month/day of to help pull it off without a hitch. As with any planned event, things always come up at the last minute.

Enter Danielle. She was professional, knowledgeable, and flexible from the beginning. In my opinion her greatest asset is her calm under pressure and ability to get shit done, no matter what. It turns out my wedding cake vendor (who shall remain unnamed) LOST MY ORDER(!). On the day of the wedding, my brother and his wife showed up to pay the final balance and pick up two cakes and mini cupcakes. When it became clear that the bakery had majorly dropped the ball, Danielle assured me calmly that there would be cake at the wedding. The way she handled it actually made my anxiety completely dissipate. And she was right, dessert made it to the venue with her help. The above anecdote is just one of many ways, A Love For Detail helped ensure the best night of my life.

Another thing that's worth mentioning is Danielle's creativity. My now husband and I work in creative industries, so it's important to us to work with someone who "gets it" and has visual taste. In our opinion, every good producer or event planner *must be creative* otherwise you're just a gopher following a checklist. I was able to gain trust with Danielle to the point where I felt comfortable saying "you make the call" and I rarely utter those words!

I cannot recommend my experience enough. One final note: if you hire Danielle, I HIGHLY recommend asking her to bring on her assistant, Monica, as well. She was extremely valuable and exemplified the same strengths that I just mentioned above. Together, they are ROCK SOLID."  - Caro and Addy

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M Building Wedding